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Hunting and shooting aficionados love over-under shotguns. Over-under shotguns are the go-to choice for both seasoned sportsmen and newbies because they combine elegance, reliability, and precision. In this post, we list the 10 greatest over-under shotguns and discuss their features and performance.

Browning Citori 725:

The Browning Citori 725 is an over-under shotgun masterpiece. Its walnut stock and polished steel receiver are elegant and well-made. Low-profile Citori 725s reduce recoil and improve handling. Competitive shooters and hunters love its Invector-DS choke mechanism for outstanding shot patterns.

Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I:

The 686 Silver Pigeon I, like all Beretta weapons, is high-quality. This shotgun blends tradition and modernity well. Engraved receivers are attractive. Upland game hunters love its balance and pointability.

Caesar Guerini Magnus:

The Caesar Guerini Magnus represents Italian workmanship at its best. A beautifully figured walnut stock and elaborately etched receiver make this shotgun outstanding. The Magnus’s small weight and balance make swings smooth and target acquisition fast. Its adjustable trigger and ergonomic grip allow for customized shooting.

Blaser F16

German engineering and classic design make the Blaser F16 a top-tier shotgun. Its low profile, great trigger, and ergonomic stock make it one of the most comfortable and reliable over-under shotguns. Clay target shooters and game hunters love the F16’s reliability and performance.

Winchester 101:

The Winchester 101 is a beloved American over-under shotgun. Its simple, attractive design ensures reliable field performance. Hunters who like nostalgia like the 101’s classic appearance.

Perazzi MX8:

Italian craftsmanship makes the Perazzi MX8 a gem. Olympic and world-class shooters use the MX8 for its durability and precision. Custom-built shotguns provide unmatched comfort and control. Balance and stability make the MX8 a top competitive shotgun.

CZ Redhead Premier:

Over-under shotguns like the CZ Redhead Premier are reliable and affordable. Turkish walnut stock and CNC-machined receiver. The Redhead Premier is a great choice for beginner shooters due to its constant performance and longevity despite its low price.

Rizzini Round Body:

Rizzini Round Body exemplifies Italian craftsmanship. A scrollwork-engraved round-body receiver is on this shotgun. Its hand-finished walnut stock is premium. Game hunters and clay shooters who value aesthetics love the Round Body’s excellent handling.

Benelli 828U:

The Benelli 828U modernizes the over-under shotgun. Its steel locking system and carbon-fiber rib decrease felt recoil and improve balance. The 828U’s innovative opening lever simplifies disassembly and maintenance. This shotgun shows Benelli’s dedication to cutting-edge design and performance.

Franchi Instinct SL:

Italian style meets American utility in the Franchi Instinct SL. Anodized aluminum receivers make this shotgun lightweight and responsive. Hunters who seek quick follow-up shots can trust the Instinct SL’s auto ejectors and balance.


Over-under shotguns remain popular due to their elegance and performance. This collection of shotguns offers a variety of shooting styles, craftsmanship, and precision. These 10 greatest over-under shotguns will impress competitive shooters and hunters alike.

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