The Trump Presidency – Controversies and Achievements

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The Trump Presidency, from January 20, 2017, through January 20, 2021, was one of the most divisive and consequential in American history. President Donald J. Trump left an everlasting impression on the US and the world with his fervent support and fierce opposition. This essay will analyze ten Trump presidency controversies and accomplishments.


Immigration Policies

Trump’s immigration plans were controversial. President Trump’s immigration policies, especially his border wall with Mexico, ignited passionate arguments on national security, human rights, and the economy. Supporters said the rules protected American citizens and jobs, while critics said they were harsh and targeted vulnerable communities.

Trade Wars

Trump’s tariffs on China, Canada, and the EU were another key issue. Some saw this as a way to defend American businesses and employment, while others worried it would spark a worldwide trade war and raise costs. Trade disputes affected diplomatic relations and global market uncertainty.

Trump-Russia Investigation

The Mueller-led Trump-Russia probe hung over the Trump presidency. It investigated Trump’s campaign’s 2016 election coordination with Russia. Obstruction of justice was found, but not collusion. Political differences and foreign involvement in American democracy increased due to this controversy.

Media Relations

Trump repeatedly called critical media “fake news” during his presidency. His frequent public tweets stirred uproar. Supporters saw this as a necessary response to biased reporting, while critics said it eroded press freedom and public trust in journalism.

Climate Change Policy

Environmentalists and the world community criticized Trump’s climate change policy. Trump left the Paris Climate Agreement because it hurt American businesses. This action raised concerns about climate change and the world’s largest economy’s leadership.


Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was a major legislative victory. This tax reform reduced corporation rates and provided middle-class tax relief to boost economic growth. Proponents said it increased company investment and jobs, while opponents said it favored the wealthiest and raised the national debt.

Criminal Justice Reform

In 2018, the Trump administration enacted the First Step Act with rare bipartisan support. This criminal justice reform measure addressed mass imprisonment and recidivism. It included sentencing reforms, prison rehabilitation programs, and early release of nonviolent offenders. Advocates lauded this as a step toward justice.

Regulatory Rollbacks

Trump prioritized deregulation. He rolled back federal restrictions across industries to eliminate commercial bureaucracy. These initiatives supported economic growth and innovation, while detractors warned of environmental degradation and worker safety issues.

Middle East Peace Agreements

Israel-Arab peace agreements were negotiated by the Trump administration. The 2020 Abraham Accords normalized Israel-UAE-Bahrain relations. These agreements were seen as major moves toward regional stability and a shift from Middle East peace efforts.

Appointment of Conservative Judges

Trump’s influence on the judiciary will last. He appointed three Supreme Court judges, ensuring a conservative majority for years. He also appointed many conservative judges to lesser federal courts, balancing the system and delivering a pledge to his base.


The Trump presidency was controversial and successful. Immigration, trade, the Trump-Russia probe, and media relations were divisive subjects throughout his presidency. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, criminal justice reform, regulatory rollbacks, Middle East peace agreements, and conservative justices were major achievements that will impact American policy and society for years to come. To comprehend this pivotal period in American history, one must examine both the conflicts and triumphs.

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