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Rhapsody: Marl Kingdom Chronicles will release on August 29, 2023, after much anticipation. The latest consoles, PC, and possibly mobile devices will support the game.

Pre-ordering the game gets fans exclusive puppets, costumes, and songs. Nippon Ichi Software is also planning a limited collector’s edition with a lovely artbook, soundtrack CD, and other exclusive merchandise to thank their loyal fans.


Rhapsody – Marl Kingdom Chronicles is a magical, musical, and mysterious adventure. The game takes place in the Marl Kingdom, where music rules and melodies are everywhere. This upcoming video game from Nippon Ichi Software promises a captivating story and charming characters.

The story follows Cornet, a gifted young puppeteer. Her horn melodies bring her puppets to life. Cornet’s quiet life changes when she falls in love with Ferdinand, a gallant Prince.

Cornet’s love is unrequited because the Prince loves Etoile, a beautiful and mysterious enchantress. Cornet begs the Sea Witch for a potion to win Prince Ferdinand’s love, heartbroken and desperate.

Cornet’s world is turned upside down when she accidentally turns the Prince to stone. She goes on an epic quest with Kururu, a wise, talking puppet, to fix her mistake.

Cornet meets many interesting people on her quest to break Prince Ferdinand’s curse. She travels with Kururu, a talking puppet, and Torte, a mischievous fairy, and Crepe, a trustworthy black cat.

Cornet and her companions travel through magical forests, oceans, and dungeons as the story unfolds. The party learns more about the Marl Kingdom’s history and the magical music’s potential with each step.

As Cornet grows up, the game blends romance, friendship, and coming-of-age. Her journey is about finding herself, strength, and true love, not just the Prince.

The story is full of laughter, tears, and heartwarming moments that connect with players. The narrative’s quirky characters, clever dialogue, and immersive world immerse players in the Marl Kingdom.

Players will become enchanted and entangled in the Marl Kingdom’s fate. The game’s choices affect Cornet’s journey, creating multiple endings and replayability.

Rhapsody – Marl Kingdom Chronicles promises a memorable gaming experience. Players will experience an extraordinary adventure that combines music and storytelling. With its captivating story and whimsical charm, the game will impress RPG veterans and newcomers alike. Rhapsody – Marl Kingdom Chronicles will transport you to Cornet’s extraordinary journey of love, friendship, and self-discovery.



Fans of turn-based RPGs will enjoy Rhapsody – Marl Kingdom Chronicles. Players play Cornet Espoire, a young and aspiring puppeteer who rescues her childhood friend, Prince Ferdinand, from an evil witch’s curse. She travels with a motley crew, each with unique skills and personalities.

Each area of the game has its own charm and challenges. Players will explore lush forests, dangerous dungeons, and bustling towns. Players will meet many NPCs with side quests and stories, enriching the story and offering rewards and character development.

Music distinguishes Rhapsody from other RPGs. The game revolves around music, and each character has a “Conducting Baton.” Players will use rhythm-based combat to unleash powerful attacks and combos. A symphony of compositions enhances the game’s gameplay and immerses players in a melodic journey.

Rhapsody’s combat requires strategy. Victory requires knowing each character and enemy’s strengths and weaknesses. Players must plan, time, and use their companions’ special abilities. As the story progresses, players will unlock new abilities, spells, and equipment to customize their party.

Players can play mini-games and other activities around the world when not fighting. These include musical challenges and NPC battles. These activities enhance the game’s experience and reward completionists and content seekers.

Rhapsody – Marl Kingdom Chronicles also features advanced crafting and alchemy. Players can use materials from the environment and defeated enemies to make powerful items, equipment, and consumables. Experimenting with different ingredients can yield potent concoctions, giving a battle edge.

Multiple difficulty settings accommodate players of all skill levels. Casual players can enjoy the heartwarming story and explore the world without being overwhelmed, while seasoned RPG veterans can test their mettle on higher difficulty levels with tougher enemies.

Rhapsody’s New Game+ feature lets players save their progress and unlocks for future playthroughs. This adds replay value by encouraging players to try different paths and make different choices to see the game in new ways.

Rhapsody – Marl Kingdom Chronicles draws players into its whimsical world and emotionally invests them in the characters’ struggles and triumphs. RPG fans, music lovers, and anyone looking for a heartwarming and enchanting adventure should play this upcoming video game. So, join Cornet and her friends on a magical journey where music may save the Marl Kingdom.

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