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After much anticipation, KO_OP announced the release of “Goodbye Volcano High” on 29 August 2023. Players from different gaming communities can experience Fang and his friends’ emotional journey on consoles and PC.

The release date has excited gamers. Since its announcement, “Goodbye Volcano High” has drawn attention for its unique premise, stunning art, and promising story. Many players are excited for the game’s emotional depth and character-driven storytelling.

“Goodbye Volcano High” promises an emotional journey through a gorgeous world. Its narrative-driven gameplay, stunning hand-drawn visuals, and evocative soundtrack create an immersive experience about adolescence and change. Fang’s decisions will affect the characters’ relationships and lead to multiple outcomes. The game’s unique premise and thoughtful execution make it an exciting addition to the gaming landscape, and gamers are eagerly awaiting its release date to experience this touching journey.


Ko_op Mode’s narrative-driven video game “Goodbye Volcano High” will be published by Akupara Games. The game’s emotional storyline and beautiful animation will captivate players.

Earth is dying and humanity’s future is uncertain in the game. Players will play as Fang, a young, talented dinosaur about to graduate from Volcano High, a dinosaur high school. Fang struggles with emotions, uncertainty, and the fear of losing friends and the familiar environment they’ve known for years as graduation day approaches.

“Goodbye Volcano High” explores the challenges of growing up and life’s changes. The game beautifully depicts adolescence, self-discovery, and the fear of losing loved ones. Fang’s struggles with friendships, romance, and self-identity will resonate with many players.

Character portrayal in the game is intriguing. Players can relate to each dinosaur character’s struggles and aspirations due to the diverse cast’s human-like personalities and emotions. Players will interact with these characters and make choices that affect their relationships and the story.

“Goodbye Volcano High” revolves around story decisions. Players must decide how Fang reacts to situations and interacts with other characters. These choices shape character relationships and the game’s outcome and multiple endings.

The developers stressed meaningful choices and branching storylines to ensure that players’ choices matter. Replayability should encourage players to explore different paths and storylines, making each playthrough unique.

The game’s hand-drawn art and captivating animations create a dreamlike and beautiful atmosphere. Characters’ emotions and body language add depth and intensity to the story. The stunning art direction and emotional soundtrack of “Goodbye Volcano High” will immerse players in the story and evoke a range of emotions.

The game explores growing up, the future, and the end of an era. Fang and their friends question their place in the world and their impact as Earth faces extinction. This profound exploration of mortality and the desire to leave a legacy adds existentialism to the narrative, making it thought-provoking for all ages.

“Goodbye Volcano High” shows how emotional depth and relatability in video games can impact players. The game’s beautiful world and diverse characters encourage reflection on adolescence and the value of cherished moments.



“Goodbye Volcano High” is an upcoming video game that has drawn gamers and storytellers with its unique art style and emotional narrative. The PlayStation, Xbox, and PC game is developed by Ko_op Mode and published by Akupara Games. “Goodbye Volcano High” has the gaming community excited with its captivating story and intriguing gameplay.

The game takes place in Volcano High School, where adolescence and self-discovery are intertwined. Fang, a senior-year dinosaur, struggles with growing up, finding their identity, and adapting to life’s changes.

The story drives “Goodbye Volcano High.” The developers carefully crafted a touching coming-of-age story about love, loss, friendship, and uncertainty. The characters’ struggles add realism to the game. Players will care about these dinosaurs as they make life-changing decisions.

The game’s hand-drawn art and animations are captivating. The unique art style blends realism and fantasy, giving the characters personality and charm. The developers’ meticulous design brings Volcano High and its residents to life. The story’s emotional highs and lows are enhanced by the vibrant color palette.

“Goodbye Volcano High” is an interactive story. Players’ decisions shape the story, character relationships, and outcomes. These choices will have lasting effects, adding replayability as players discover the game’s full story.

Dialogue shapes the game’s story. Conversations with other characters help players understand and connect. These dialogues will shape the story and character relationships. Players feel responsible for their decisions, giving them agency.

“Goodbye Volcano High” includes dialogue choices, interactive sequences, and gameplay mechanics. Mini-games, exploration, and puzzles can enhance the narrative. The game’s intuitive controls let players focus on the story’s emotional impact.

“Goodbye Volcano High”‘s soundtrack sets the game’s mood. Developers worked with talented composers to create an evocative score that fits the story. Music heightens emotions during key moments, making the game more immersive and memorable.

“Goodbye Volcano High”‘s diversity is admirable. The game’s diverse cast lets players relate to Volcano High School’s dinosaurs’ struggles. LGBTQ+ identity, mental health, and self-acceptance make the game more inclusive.

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