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Stardust Studios revealed Fae Farm’s release date after months of anticipation. The game will launch on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2023.

Fae Farm has been a passion project for the developers, who are excited about the launch. They worked hard to create a captivating and magical experience for farming simulation fans and newcomers.

Stardust Studios conducted extensive playtesting and closed beta testing to ensure a bug-free release. The team promises a polished and immersive gaming experience from the start.

Players can pre-order Fae Farm two months before the release date to get exclusive in-game bonuses. Stardust Studios has promised early adopters a special edition of the game with bonus farm decorations and unique protagonist customization options.


A long-lost relative leaves the protagonist a rundown farm. They don’t know that this farm is on the Fae’s border. Due to human-nature disconnect, the Fae world has declined.

The player discovers a mysterious glowing portal in the woods while tending the farm. They enter the Fae’s captivating world. They meet many charming and mischievous creatures that represent nature and magic.

The protagonist discovers that they are the chosen one to revive the Fae world. They must befriend the Fae, rekindle their magic, and heal the land on a heartwarming journey.

Farming simulations involve managing the farm, growing crops, and raising animals. However, Fae Farm’s magical elements make it unique. Fae creatures can help players farm. For instance, rain fairies can water crops, plant spirits can speed growth, and tree guardians can repel pests.

To gain Fae creatures’ trust and help, players must understand their personalities and preferences. The farm and Fae world grow together, revealing the game’s full potential.

Fae life has its challenges. Dark forces want to disrupt the balance and corrupt Fae magic for their own nefarious purposes. Protecting the enchanted lands from these threats leads to thrilling quests to defend both worlds.

Rich dialogue with Fae creatures, other characters, and choice-driven interactions drive the game’s captivating storyline. The game’s replayability and depth increase with these choices.

DreamGrove Studios meticulously designed the game’s graphics and sound. The vibrant colors and ethereal designs create a sense of wonder and magic in every scene. The game’s enchanting soundtrack brings the Fae world to life.

Fae Farm will also allow players to restore the Fae world with friends. Multiplayer allows cooperative farming and social interactions, encouraging players to share knowledge and resources to build a strong community.



Players manage a magical farm as a young sorcerer or sorceress who inherits an overgrown plot of land from their mystical ancestors. Magic and fae help turn the neglected farm into a thriving place.

Players begin the game on their overgrown farm, surrounded by lush forests, clear streams, and magical meadows. First, clear the land for cultivation. Spells can clear debris, rocks, and obstacles. They’ll find secrets, rare magical plants, and hidden passages that increase the farm’s potential as they explore the forest.

Fae Farm relies on magical fae to succeed. These tiny, whimsical creatures have unique abilities. Players can befriend various fae with farming skills. Some fae can accelerate plant growth, while others can water, fertilize, or defend the farm from pests. To progress in the game, these relationships and fae needs must be nurtured.

Quests, puzzles, and artifacts unlock new spells and magical abilities as players progress. These abilities improve farm productivity, cast protective enchantments, and find hidden treasures in the enchanted world. To avoid exhaustion, players must manage their magical energy to master these spells.

Fae Farm offers adventure in addition to farming. Enchanted forests, caves, and other magical realms await players outside their farm. These quests involve helping other magical creatures, solving mysteries, and stopping evil forces from upsetting the magical realm.

The game’s day-night cycle and dynamic weather add depth. Players must adjust their strategies to take advantage of fae and magical resources at specific times and weather conditions.

Fae Farm’s cooperative multiplayer mode lets friends build the most magical farms together. Players can share fae, resources, and larger challenges, creating a strong sense of community.

Fae Farm’s hand-painted landscapes and cute characters bring the magical world to life. The beautiful soundtrack enhances the immersive atmosphere.

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