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The developers have revealed Daymare – 1994 Sandcastle’s release date, which the gaming community has been eagerly awaiting. On November 15, 2023, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles will release the game.

The pandemic and game development complexity initially raised concerns about delays. Invader Studios assured fans that they were working hard to deliver a polished and high-quality experience, and the release date shows their commitment to meeting audience expectations.


Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle centers on a government conspiracy involving the Aegis Laboratory in Keen Sight, Idaho. The story begins in 1994, months before the terrifying events of Daymare: 1998.

Players will control three distinct protagonists who become entangled in the nightmare. Each character’s perspective on the horrors creates a multifaceted narrative that gradually reveals the Aegis Laboratory’s dark secrets and the deadly consequences of scientific experimentation gone wrong.

Liev, a veteran H.A.D.E.S (Hexacore Advanced Division for Extraction and Search) agent, investigates Keen Sight’s strange incidents. Liev’s first playable character starts the town’s nightmare. Liev’s mission quickly becomes a fight for survival as he faces external threats and his own demons.

Aegis Laboratory scientist Raven is young and smart. Raven learns disturbing details about the facility’s dark experiments, which makes her question her loyalty. She flees the lab to reveal its secrets, risking her life. Raven struggles for redemption and survival.

Forest ranger Samuel patrols Keen Sight’s vast wilderness. Samuel fights mutated animals and protects the townspeople after the Aegis Laboratory’s experiments release a deadly virus. He uses his extensive knowledge of the area’s terrain to navigate the chaos, but he must also face the shadowy horrors.

Players switch between these characters to uncover the game’s narrative. Each protagonist’s story reveals the Aegis Laboratory’s dangerous experiments and their connections.

Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle’s detail enhances its eerie atmosphere. The game’s graphics capture Keen Sight’s dark atmosphere, from decaying buildings to fog-covered forests. Every creaking floorboard and distant growl heightens the sense of dread, thanks to the sound design.

Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle blends classic survival horror with modern gameplay. Players must solve puzzles and navigate hostile environments while managing their ammunition and health. Survival depends on knowing when to fight and when to run in combat.

Cooperative multiplayer lets players experience Keen Sight’s horrors with friends. Players must collaborate to overcome the game’s deadly challenges.



Daymare – 1994 Sandcastle involves exploration, resource management, combat, and puzzles. Players will navigate a foreboding environment full of deadly enemies and hidden secrets as different characters with unique abilities, backgrounds, and perspectives.

The game encourages players to explore haunting landscapes for clues, items, and survival resources. To uncover the Sandcastle’s mysteries and the game’s dark narrative, players must observe and interact with their surroundings.

Resource management makes the game hard. Players must strategize and decide when and where to fight or retreat due to limited ammunition, healing items, and other resources. Players must find and conserve resources to survive relentless enemies.

Daymare Combat 1994 Sandcastle is tense. Players will face many dangerous creatures with different strengths and weaknesses. Aiming, timing, and understanding the enemy are essential to defeating these formidable foes. Choosing to fight or flee to save resources adds tension to each encounter.

The survival horror-inspired puzzles are difficult and thought-provoking. Players must solve riddles, environmental puzzles, and logical problems to progress. Puzzles are seamlessly integrated into the story, deepening immersion and increasing dread and uncertainty.

Daymare (1994) Sandcastle is haunting. Modern graphics and meticulously designed visuals evoke nostalgia for classic horror games. The haunting soundtrack, creaking doors, distant footsteps, and spine-chilling growls create an unsettling atmosphere that stays with players after they put down their controllers.

For those who want to try different endings, the game has a branching narrative with multiple endings. The game’s moral choices will affect characters and the story, encouraging players to get involved.

Daymare (1994) Sandcastle targets survival horror veterans and newcomers. The adjustable difficulty levels make the game accessible to a wide audience.

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