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Ethereal Studios has announced Chants of Sennaar’s long-awaited release date. The game releases on November 15, 2023. The game’s cinematic trailer and pre-orders have excited fans.

Ethereal Studios has also announced the Chants of Sennaar Collector’s Edition, which includes exclusive merchandise, an artbook, and a limited-edition soundtrack vinyl.


The game follows a young hero who will change the fate of Sennaar, a land full of magic, legends, and secrets. The “Chanters” guided humans and magical creatures in Sennaar, an idyllic paradise. These Chanters could channel cosmic energy and maintain world harmony.

The “Umbralords” emerged from the shadows to disrupt Sennaar’s peace. The Umbralords, led by the dark and powerful Lord Maelthor, sought to control the Chanters’ cosmic energies for their evil goals. Lord Maelthor stole the “Melodist Stone,” the Chanters’ power source, and threw Sennaar into chaos in a brutal attack on their sanctuary.

The player plays Kael, the last apprentice of the fallen Chanters, a gifted young person with dormant magical abilities. Kael’s ancient lineage allows him to wield the Melodist Stone’s incredible power. He must first reclaim the Stone, defeat the Umbralords, and balance Sennaar before he can use its power.

Kael faces new challenges in Sennaar’s breathtaking landscapes and diverse regions. The game world is a work of art, from Elysia’s ethereal forests to Solstice Wastes’ barren deserts, with a mesmerizing musical score that accompanies Kael’s journey.

Kael will meet many intriguing allies and foes on his expedition. Some will help him with ancient knowledge and mystical powers, while others will try to stop him out of loyalty to the Umbralords. Players’ choices will affect Kael’s journey, introducing branching storylines and diverse character interactions.

“Chants of Sennaar” combines RPG elements with innovative gameplay. Players will use melee and magical spells in real-time combat. Kael will gain powerful abilities to shape the battlefield and defeat formidable foes as he masters the Melodist Stone and Chanting.

“Chants of Sennaar” has many side quests, secrets, and treasures throughout the world. Exploration yields loot and knowledge of Sennaar’s diverse cultures.



Players play a young and brave adventurer in Sennaar, a land of legend and mystical energies. The game begins with an ominous prophecy about a hero who will restore power and defeat the looming darkness.

Sennaar’s richly designed landscapes include ancient forests and vast, arid deserts. Each area is carefully designed to immerse and awe players. The environment’s detail and stunning visual effects immerse players in the fantasy world.

Chants of Sennaar’s gameplay is a perfect mix of elements, captivating players of all backgrounds. It is a real-time action-adventure RPG with robust character progression. Class abilities and skill trees allow players to customize their playstyles.

The combat system smoothly switches between melee and ranged attacks. A strategic spellcasting system lets players use magic. Chants of Sennaar’s combat is thrilling and rewarding, whether players are fighting bosses or hordes of enemies.

The game encourages exploration to find hidden secrets. Discover ancient ruins, forgotten temples, and mystical landmarks. Solving puzzles and navigating treacherous terrain earns rewards and satisfaction.

Chants of Sennaar has a captivating story. The story is rich in lore and characters. Players will connect with NPCs with unique personalities and motivations. Dialogues and choices affect the story, creating multiple branching paths for replayability.

A loyal companion assists players throughout the game. This companion, whether a loyal animal or a magical entity, is more than a sidekick; it helps in combat and puzzle-solving, deepening the player’s emotional connection to the virtual world.

Players discover fragments of powerful forgotten songs as they progress. Chants—ancient melodies—drive gameplay. The player can change the world by learning and mastering these Chants. Chants strategically overcome obstacles and reveal secrets.

Chants of Sennaar’s multiplayer features add appeal. The single-player campaign is compelling, but cooperative gameplay lets friends work together to complete quests. Players collaborate through seamless cooperative elements.

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