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Gamers worldwide are eagerly awaiting “Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.” The game, developed by Team Reptile, promises a thrilling mix of classic arcade-style mechanics, vibrant urban landscapes, and a futuristic setting that will captivate players of all ages. The game’s development was delayed from 2022. However, “Bomb Rush Cyberfunk” will be released on November 15, 2023.

“Bomb Rush Cyberfunk” honors classic gaming with modern graphics, mechanics, and storytelling, inspired by the critically acclaimed “Jet Set Radio” series. The game’s cel-shaded art style captures the urban landscapes’ vibrant energy, immersing players in a colorful world.

“Bomb Rush Cyberfunk” is a fast-paced parkour, graffiti, and rhythm-based action-adventure game. Players play a “cyberfunk,” a skilled freerunner who graffitis the futuristic city while evading police and rival gangs.

Players can effortlessly navigate the city’s rooftops and streets thanks to the freerunning mechanics. Style and combos increase thrill and score. Players can unlock hidden areas and play harder levels as they master the game’s mechanics.

The game’s sprawling metropolis is both futuristic and nostalgic. Downtown’s neon-lit skyscrapers and colorful neighborhoods each have their own charm. Players can freely explore the city, which feels like a living, breathing character.

“Bomb Rush Cyberfunk,” like “Jet Set Radio,” has a great soundtrack that matches the gameplay. Freerunning and graffiti tagging are accompanied by electronic, hip-hop, and funk music. Each song sets the mood for the city’s districts and enhances immersion.

The player’s cyberfunk character and crew fight to preserve and celebrate their culture in a city ruled by the “Rokkaku Group.” Each character has a distinct personality and role in the story. The game’s compelling dialogue and plot keep players engaged in their quest to reclaim the city one graffiti tag at a time.

“Bomb Rush Cyberfunk” has a single-player campaign and a multiplayer mode where players compete in races and challenges. Players can customize their cyberfunk characters with outfits, graffiti tags, and accessories.


Beat, a talented young Rudy, discovers VERA, an enigmatic AI. This advanced AI knows “Cyberfunk,” an ancient dance that unlocks incredible power and alters reality.

As Beat explores Cyberfunk, he discovers that Neo Tokyo’s government, led by the tyrannical Corporation, wants to eradicate this unique art form. They worry it will empower people, disrupt their control, and cause social upheaval.

Beat travels with a motley crew of Rudies to revive Cyberfunk and expose the Corporation’s evil. They want to free Neo Tokyo’s residents.

Players will explore Neo Tokyo’s skyscrapers and neon-lit alleyways, each with its own challenges. Rudies master the city’s verticality.

Graffiti skating, a mix of street art and skateboarding, lets players perform gravity-defying tricks while marking the city’s walls. Skate through the city with spray cans and a magnetic roller to create beautiful graffiti. Each graffiti piece they create deepens the player’s connection to the game’s story.

Players will fight the Corporation in thrilling high-speed races, graffiti battles, and other challenges. They’ll discover secrets, meet quirky characters, and have conversations that affect the game.

Beat and his crew will face powerful enemies, including elite enforcers and augmented agents, with unique abilities and tactics. Skating and graffiti skills will help players outwit these opponents in the city’s environment.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk lets players race, graffiti, and freestyle in a single-player campaign and a competitive multiplayer mode. Multiplayer mode adds replayability and builds a virtual community.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk will thrill action, creativity, and immersion fans with its retro-futuristic aesthetic, thumping electronic soundtrack, and captivating storyline. Graffiti culture, skating, and futuristic elements give the action-adventure game a unique twist.



Cyberfunkers must navigate the city with skill. Players can easily chain tricks, slides, and jumps with the controls. Progressing through the game and exploring Chroma City requires fluid movement.

A central campaign mode takes players through various Chroma City districts, each with its own style and challenges. Different factions, led by powerful graffiti artists, rule the districts. Players must complete graffiti challenges, time trials, and other tasks to earn the respect of these faction leaders, which leads to epic showdowns and taking over their territories.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk adds a rhythm mechanic to graffiti tagging to enhance gameplay. Graffiti is more stylish and rewarding when players match button inputs to the funky soundtrack. Blending skating, tricks, and rhythm creates eye-catching art and builds a combo meter for higher scores and rewards.

Players can customize their Cyberfunker with clothes, accessories, and skates. As they gain reputation, players unlock more cosmetic options to express themselves. Power-ups that temporarily boost speed, trick combos, or graffiti abilities add strategic depth to the game.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a single-player game, but the developers plan to add online features to improve its social aspect. Players may challenge their friends’ high scores, share their custom graffiti tags, or compete for Chroma City’s territorial dominance in team-based competitions.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk’s stylized graphics stand out. The game’s neon lights, futuristic architecture, and graffiti art create a stunning world. The vibrant, detailed environments entice players to explore the city.

The game’s soundtrack is equally impressive, blending hip-hop, electronic, and funky beats. Each Chroma City district has its own soundscape, enhancing atmosphere and rhythm gameplay. The music complements the gameplay and inspires players to keep pushing their limits and creating masterful graffiti art.

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