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With its feature-rich and affordable smartphones, Oppo has become a major player in the Pakistani industry. Since its launch, the Oppo F21 Pro has been buzzing. This post will cover 10 main facts about the Oppo F21 Pro pricing in Pakistan, including its features, specs, performance, and comparisons to its competition.

Design and Build Quality

The Oppo F21 Pro is attractive and stylish. Its curved corners and small design make it easy to grasp and operate one-handed. Glass front and back and an aluminum chassis make the smartphone sturdy. The Oppo F21 Pro’s appealing hues appeal to different users.


Oppo F21 Pro has a 1080 x 2400 Super AMOLED display. For watching videos, playing games, and reading social media, the 6.5-inch screen has brilliant colors, deep blacks, and great contrast. The smartphone’s fast refresh rate makes scrolling smooth.


The Oppo F21 Pro’s MediaTek Helio P95 CPU and enough RAM provide smooth multitasking and app management. Switching programs and doing resource-intensive tasks should be effortless. Mobile gamers will like the phone’s GPU.

Camera Capabilities

The photography-focused Oppo F21 Pro emphasizes its camera. With a quad-camera arrangement on the rear, comprising a high-resolution primary lens, an ultra-wide-angle lens, a macro lens, and a depth sensor, the smartphone takes great photos in varied situations. AI-enhanced selfies are taken by the notch-mounted front camera.

Battery Life and Charging

The Oppo F21 Pro’s 4500mAh battery provides long-lasting use. Power-efficient display and improved software extend the smartphone’s battery life. Fast charging lets customers quickly recharge their phones and use them again.

Software and User Experience

Oppo’s latest ColorOS Android skin powers the F21 Pro. ColorOS has many themes, icon packs, and system optimizations. Bloatware may bother some users who prefer stock Android. Oppo’s software upgrades keep it running smoothly and securely.

Connectivity and Storage

The Oppo F21 Pro has 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and a USB Type-C connector. For multimedia and file storage, the gadget has a dedicated microSD card slot.

Price and Value for Money

Pakistan’s Oppo F21 Pro price determines its success. Its mid-range price and features make it appealing. The F21 Pro delivers good value for its camera, display, and performance compared to its immediate competition.

Competition and Alternatives

Pakistan’s smartphone industry is crowded with feature-packed smartphones at similar prices. Xiaomi, Samsung, and Vivo smartphones are Oppo F21 Pro rivals. The Oppo F19 Pro and Oppo A74 offer somewhat different features at different pricing points.

Customer Reviews and Final Verdict

Consider user reviews before buying. Potential consumers can learn about real-world Oppo F21 Pro experiences by reading customer reviews. We found positive reviews for the Oppo F21 Pro’s design, camera, and battery life. Bloatware and software experience have worried some users.

In conclusion, the Oppo F21 Pro’s features, design, and price are appealing in Pakistan’s smartphone market. The F21 Pro excels in camera, display, and performance despite intense competition from other companies. Before buying a smartphone, buyers should consider their needs and wants.

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