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Experienced players will find this league with 2500 CP Pokémon more tough and strategic. One must master the Ultra League’s best Pokémon to become a top trainer. This article lists the top 10 Ultra League Pokémon, each with unique powers and strengths that make them dangerous opponents.

Giratina (Altered Forme):

Giratina (Altered Forme) is a powerful Ghost-Dragon Pokémon with a large movepool. Shadow Sneak, Dragon Breath, and Shadow Claw are its main moves. Its Ghost typing resists Psychic and Normal techniques, and its Dragon typing gives it an advantage over other Dragon-types. Giratina’s moveset lets it hit hard and defend well. Giratina is essential to competitive Ultra League teams.


Cresselia, a Psychic-type Pokémon, is well-balanced and good at defense. Confusion, Moonblast, and Future Sight help it defeat many opponents. Cresselia’s size makes it ideal for leading charges and taking damage. Use its flexibility and strategy to outwit opponents.


Swampert, a Water-Ground Pokémon, has excelled in the Ultra League with its Water Gun, Hydro Cannon, Earthquake, and Sludge Wave abilities. Its Ground typing allows it to withstand Electric and Poison techniques, making it a formidable opponent. Swampert may overwhelm opponents with its high attack stat and distinctive Hydro Cannon Community Day move.


Registeel, a Steel-type Pokémon, is known for its great Defense and powerful techniques like Lock-On, Flash Cannon, and Focus Blast. It can endure several attacks due to its special type. Registeel dominates the Ultra League with intelligent play and timing.


Fairy and Flying-type Togekiss has great stats and moves. Togekiss can inflict huge damage to Dragon, Fighting, and Grass-type Pokémon with Charm, Ancient Power, and Flamethrower. Its soaring techniques and Fairy typing help it fight Grass-type opponents. Togekiss’s versatility and power make it essential to Ultra League teams.


Dragon Breath, Aqua Tail, and Crunch help this Water-Flying Pokémon dominate the Ultra League. Its special type lets it resist several frequent dangers and deal super-effective damage to several Pokémon. Gyarados’s powerful strike and varied moveset make it a formidable opponent.


Articuno’s appearance in the top 10 Ultra League Pokémon may surprise some. Articuno can defeat Dragon, Flying, and Grass-type Pokémon with Frost Breath, Icy Wind, and Hurricane. Flying gives it Ground-type resistance. Articuno can surprise opponents and win with its chilling strength.


Normal-type Pokémon Snorlax is known for its massive HP and stamina. Lick and Body Slam can hurt opponents and make them flinch. Snorlax’s size lets it take and give hits. Use Snorlax as an anchor to win battles.


Melmetal, a Steel-type Pokémon, excels in the Ultra League with its high stats and powerful techniques like Thunder Shock, Rock Slide, and Superpower. Melmetal’s peculiar type gives it many resistances and an advantage against common enemies. For aspiring Ultra League champions, it can deal heavy damage and take hits.

Altered Forme Giratina:

The Ultra League’s Altered Giratina is just as powerful. Altered Forme Giratina uses Shadow Claw, Dragon Pulse, and Shadow Sneak to defeat opponents. Ghost type helps it outlast many opponents. Altered Forme Giratina’s spectral power can rule the Ultra League.


Trainers must choose their Pokémon wisely because the Ultra League is very tough. These 10 Pokémon have proven their worth in the Ultra League meta. Each Pokémon has its own skills, from Giratina’s spectral might to Registeel’s defensive force. Trainers may easily win Ultra League bouts by assembling a balanced team with these Ultra League powerhouses.

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