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Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point, released in December 2019 by Snapshot Games, transports players to a Pandoravirus-ravaged Earth. Players must rally forces, research new technologies, and fight aliens as the Phoenix Project’s commander.

Turn-based combat is a striking similarity between Phoenix Point and XCOM. Players take turns controlling their squad members on a grid-based battlefield. Mistakes can have dire consequences, so every move must be carefully considered. Phoenix Point borrows XCOM’s cover mechanics and overwatch abilities.

Phoenix Point also introduces several new mechanics. The targeting system lets players target specific enemy body parts. Players can tactically disable or cripple opponents to gain an advantage. The game’s dynamic alien AI changes over time, forcing players to adapt their strategies and never get complacent.

Phoenix Point’s narrative is rich and immersive, inspired by classic science fiction. Each choice affects the global conflict against the alien threat and the game’s storyline. The game’s tactical gameplay and deep narrative keep players engaged throughout.

Phoenix Point has a post-apocalyptic look like “Mad Max” or “The Road.” Graphics enhance immersion with detailed environments and character models. The haunting soundtrack and atmospheric sound effects enhance the visuals and create an immersive experience.

Phoenix Point has been well-received by critics and players. The game’s strategic depth, difficulty, and tension have been lauded. Post-launch, the developers have released updates and expansions to improve the player experience.

Invisible, Inc.

Klei Entertainment’s strategic stealth game Invisible, Inc. combines espionage, tactical decision-making, and nail-biting suspense to captivate gamers worldwide. Invisible, Inc., like the critically acclaimed XCOM series, immerses players in high-stakes corporate espionage.

In Invisible, Inc., players control an elite team of agents who must infiltrate secure facilities to gather vital information and complete their objectives in a dystopian future ruled by powerful corporations. XCOM-like turn-based tactics, resource management, and permadeath make the game challenging and immersive.

Invisible, Inc. and XCOM both emphasize strategic planning and decision-making. Both games offer many choices with far-reaching effects. Every decision matters and can affect the outcome, from selecting agents for each mission to deciding whether to fight or be stealthy.

Both games are turn-based, so players can carefully plan their moves and weigh the risks and rewards. This tactical gameplay, along with the need to adapt to unpredictable enemy movements and changing mission objectives, keeps players on edge.

XCOM and Invisible, Inc. share permadeath. In both games, an agent who dies in battle is gone forever, adding emotional weight to each mission. Losing a skilled agent can be devastating, forcing players to rethink their strategies and adapt to new challenges. This high-stakes gameplay element makes each decision feel important and urgent.

Both games have complex progression systems. Players can unlock new agent equipment, abilities, and upgrades by completing missions in Invisible, Inc. Like XCOM, this progression and customization adds depth and replayability. Players can try different strategies and playstyles.

Invisible, Inc.’s stealth and espionage focus sets it apart. Invisible, Inc. encourages players to think like spies, hacking security systems, bypassing guards, and using distractions to complete their missions undetected. XCOM emphasizes combat and squad-based tactics. Stealth gameplay rewards strategic thinkers and unseen players.

Invisible, Inc. is praised for its engaging gameplay, stylish visuals, and immersive atmosphere. XCOM fans like its strategic depth and thought-provoking experience. Invisible, Inc. is a must-play for turn-based tactics and espionage fans.

Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2 depicts a bleak post-apocalyptic world devastated by nuclear war. Desert Rangers enforce law and order in the harsh wasteland. Players face moral dilemmas, dangerous encounters, and difficult choices with a diverse and specialized team. Players’ choices have far-reaching effects in the game’s non-linear narrative.

Wasteland 2’s turn-based combat stands out. Like XCOM, players must plan, use cover, and coordinate their team’s abilities to win. Heavy weapons specialists and expert medics give the game depth and tactical variety. Strategic planning is essential because squad positioning and terrain use determine battle outcomes.

Wasteland 2 and XCOM emphasize resource management. Wasteland 2 requires players to scavenge, manage inventory, and make difficult resource allocation decisions. These choices can make or break their squad. In XCOM, players must budget, research new tech, and choose missions. Both games require players to balance short-term and long-term goals, adding depth beyond the battlefield.

XCOM fans like Wasteland 2’s immersive storytelling. The game’s intricate writing weaves a web of interconnected stories, quests, and memorable characters. The wasteland is full of factions with their own goals, making moral decisions difficult. Like XCOM, Wasteland 2’s narrative keeps players invested in their actions.

Wasteland 2 and XCOM have many similarities but also distinct differences. Wasteland 2’s setting is a gritty Mad Max-inspired post-apocalypse, while XCOM’s is a futuristic alien invasion. Wasteland 2 has a realistic look, while XCOM is sci-fi.

Both games have received praise for their gripping gameplay, despite their differences. They revived turn-based tactical RPGs for strategic depth and immersive storytelling.

Jagged Alliance 2

In Jagged Alliance 2, players lead a group of mercenaries to overthrow a dictator in Arulco. Like the XCOM series, Jagged Alliance 2 emphasizes tactical combat. Players lead a team of soldiers against alien invaders. Players must use cover, positioning, and character abilities to outmaneuver the enemy.

Turn-based combat lets players plan and execute their moves in both games. Jagged Alliance 2 players take turns controlling mercenaries with unique skills and attributes. XCOM’s turn-based gameplay lets players control a squad of soldiers with different abilities and roles. Players must think strategically and anticipate the enemy’s moves in this turn-based approach.

Jagged Alliance 2 and XCOM emphasize resource management and team customization. Players must manage funds, weapons, and equipment to keep their team effective in both games. They must choose mercenaries, soldiers, and equipment upgrades. Players must balance their resources against their goals, adding depth and realism.

Both games have extensive character and squad customization. Jagged Alliance 2 lets players recruit mercenaries with different skills, backgrounds, and personalities for varied strategies and playstyles. XCOM lets players customize soldiers’ names, appearances, and abilities. This customization feature lets players connect with and invest in their characters.

Jagged Alliance 2 and the XCOM series also appeal due to their storytelling and atmosphere. Players can explore a rich and complex world in Jagged Alliance 2 with political intrigue and memorable characters. XCOM’s storytelling creates urgency and tension as players fight alien threats. Both games’ narratives enhance gameplay.

Jagged Alliance 2, a tactical strategy game released over 20 years ago, has a loyal fanbase. Turn-based combat, resource management, customization, and immersive storytelling like the XCOM series have contributed to its longevity.


Xenonauts, a thrilling and strategic game inspired by the acclaimed XCOM series, will delight fans. Xenonauts, developed by Goldhawk Interactive, revives the intense turn-based combat and base management that made XCOM so popular. Xenonauts is a must-play strategy game due to its immersive atmosphere, deep tactical mechanics, and engaging gameplay.

Xenonauts takes players to an alternate Earth during an alien invasion, inspired by 1990s XCOM games. Players command the elite international military organization Xenonauts to defend humanity from extraterrestrial threats. This involves managing resources, researching advanced technologies, and deploying squads of highly skilled soldiers to fight alien invaders tactically.

Turn-based combat is a striking similarity between Xenonauts and XCOM. Players control a squad of soldiers with different abilities and equipment and must carefully plan their moves to defeat the alien enemies. Battles require positioning, cover, and resource management, adding depth and strategy. Like XCOM, losing a soldier is devastating because their experience and expertise are irreplaceable.

Xenonauts has a robust base management system and intense combat like XCOM. To operate, players must build and upgrade base facilities like research labs, workshops, and living quarters. Staying ahead of the alien threat requires strategic resource allocation and research and production scheduling. Base management enhances tactical combat with long-term planning and resource allocation.

Xenonauts improves on its predecessor while paying tribute to it. The game’s dynamic campaign has effects throughout the world. Each location on the strategic map has its own challenges and rewards. This dynamic nature keeps players engaged and makes every playthrough fresh and unpredictable.

The Xenonauts modding community lets players customize and expand their gaming experience. Mods can be used to customize the game’s graphics, gameplay, and content. This active modding community keeps Xenonauts fresh years after its release.

Xenonauts evokes the XCOM series with its strategic depth, engaging gameplay, and nostalgic appeal. Xenonauts is a must-play for fans of XCOM and turn-based strategy alike. Lead humanity’s fight against aliens and experience tactical battles and base management like never before. Xenonauts can be played on multiple platforms now.

Valkyria Chronicles

Both Valkyria Chronicles and XCOM use turn-based combat. Commanders lead skilled soldiers across a battlefield to victory. A grid-based system lets players plan their moves and take advantage of their surroundings.

Both games stress unit customization and progression. Valkyria Chronicles lets players choose from a diverse cast of characters with unique abilities and personalities. Players can upgrade their soldiers’ equipment, unlock new abilities, and develop character relationships as the game progresses, adding depth and replayability.

XCOM also allows extensive customization. Players can recruit, promote, and equip soldiers with different skills. Experienced soldiers can learn new skills and become valuable battlefield assets. Both games allow you to shape your team to suit your playstyle, which fosters team pride.

Storytelling distinguishes Valkyria Chronicles and XCOM from other strategy games. Valkyria Chronicles explores conflict, friendship, and the human cost of war in an alternate Europe during a fictional war. In XCOM, players fight alien invaders in a dystopian future. Both games have compelling narratives that propel the player and connect them to the characters and world.

Valkyria Chronicles has a distinct look. Its “canvas” graphics resemble a watercolor painting in motion. This striking aesthetic gives the game’s storytelling a timeless and evocative quality. XCOM’s realistic and gritty art style conveys the desperation and intensity of its futuristic battles.

Valkyria Chronicles and XCOM both have unique gameplay elements. Valkyria Chronicles’ innovative “BLiTZ” system combines real-time movement and turn-based combat. Players can freely navigate the battlefield in real-time and pause to issue commands and engage enemies in tactical mode. This unique approach adds dynamism to the gameplay, forcing players to think quickly and adapt to changing situations.

XCOM emphasizes resource management and base building in addition to tactical combat. Players must manage resources, research new technologies, and build facilities. In XCOM, players must balance defending against alien threats and developing their abilities.

Hard West

Hard West is a supernatural XCOM game set in an alternate American frontier. Players play Warren, a gunslinger seeking revenge in a corrupt and evil world. Players must make choices that affect their character’s story and the narrative arc as they move through interconnected scenarios.

Hard West, like XCOM, has a strategic layer where players manage resources, recruit new team members, and upgrade their arsenal. Hard West features XCOM-style turn-based tactical combat. Players must strategically position their team, use cover, and use a variety of weapons and abilities to defeat their opponents.

Hard West differs from XCOM in its Western setting and supernatural elements. “Darkness” complicates the game. The darkness symbolizes the world’s corruption, affecting the environment and characters. It can enhance or corrupt the player’s teammates. Players must weigh the benefits and risks, creating moral ambiguity and difficult decision-making.

The story-driven campaign’s scenarios have their own goals and challenges. Player choices in one scenario can affect the rest of the game, adding replayability and encouraging multiple playthroughs to explore different paths and outcomes.

Hard West’s dark, stylized art conveys the Wild West. Characters are gritty and supernatural, and the environments are richly detailed, evoking the rugged frontier. The game’s haunting soundtrack and atmosphere immerse players.

Players and critics like Hard West. Its innovative mix of turn-based tactical combat, Western aesthetics, and supernatural elements has been lauded. The game’s difficult gameplay and branching narrative add depth and replayability.

XCOM is a beloved turn-based tactical strategy series, but Hard West offers a different experience. Hard West stands out with its Wild West setting, supernatural elements, and strategic decision-making.

As they explore the harsh Hard West, players will discover its dark secrets and face the consequences of their actions. Hard West will leave a mark on turn-based tactical strategy games with its XCOM-like gameplay and unique twist.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall

Dragonfall lets players play as a Shadowrunner, a mercenary in a dystopian Berlin. Humans, elves, dwarves, and trolls coexist with advanced technology and powerful magic in the cyberpunk-fantasy game.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall lets players build a team of skilled operatives and fight enemies in turn-based combat. Players must plan and manage resources to survive dangerous environments and deadly enemies.

Dragonfall, like XCOM, stresses strategy. Players must use cover, flanking, and special abilities to win battles. Each team member has unique skills and abilities, allowing for varied playstyles and dynamic combat.

Dragonfall’s compelling story and immersive world-building set it apart. The game has a compelling story with branching paths and meaningful choices. As they uncover Berlin’s dark secrets, players meet a variety of intriguing characters with their own goals.

The game’s deep and immersive lore is inspired by Shadowrun. Players explore an immersive cyberpunk world with atmospheric visuals and a captivating soundtrack.

Dragonfall also has robust character customization and progression systems. Players can customize their characters’ skills, equipment, and playstyle. This level of customization adds depth and replayability, letting players try different tactics and approaches.

Dragonfall’s modding community has extended its lifespan. User-generated content includes missions, characters, and gameplay enhancements. This vibrant modding scene has kept the game popular and given fans new content.

Players and critics have noted Shadowrun: Dragonfall’s XCOM-like qualities. Both games feature strategic decision-making, turn-based combat, and deep immersion. Dragonfall’s cyberpunk-fantasy setting, gripping story, and extensive character customization make it stand out.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall has won praise and fans since its release. Its tactical gameplay and immersive storytelling demonstrate strategic role-playing games’ enduring appeal. Shadowrun: Dragonfall is a must-play for cyberpunk, fantasy, and adventure fans.

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