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Rocket League-like first-person sports game Supraball. Both games emphasize teamwork, speed, and strategy. In Supraball, two teams use special powers including passing, shooting, and blocking to pass and fire a ball into the opponent’s goal. Rocket League fans will enjoy the game’s accuracy and timing-focused multiplayer.

Lethal League Blaze

Lethal League Rocket League-like Blaze is a competitive projectile-fighting game. In a small arena, players aim to hit a ball without being hit. Each shot speeds up the ball, adding excitement and difficulty. Like Rocket League, winning demands quick reflexes, intelligent location, and teamwork.

Roller Champions

Roller Champions is an upcoming free-to-play roller derby-inspired sports game. Teams of three skates around a circular track and try to get a ball to throw through a hoop for points. The game’s speed, acrobatics, and teamwork resemble Rocket League’s action.

Disc Jam

With its frisbee and tennis gameplay, Disc Jam resembles Rocket League. Two-person teams defend their zone while throwing a disc into the opponents. For Rocket League enthusiasts looking for something new, it’s a great blend of skill, strategy, and reflexes.

Blast Ball

Blast Ball, like Rocket League, is a futuristic soccer-vehicle combat multiplayer game. Shoot or carry a ball into the enemy’s goal using customizable hovercraft with weapons and grappling hooks. The game’s exhilarating and competitive multiplayer setting combines shooting and sports features.

Sociable Soccer

Sociable Soccer, like Rocket League, is a fast-paced, easy-to-learn arcade soccer game. Like Rocket League, players can do fantastic feats and tricks to outmaneuver their opponents.


Hover, a multiplayer open-world parkour game, combines racing and sports. Players compete to achieve parkour objectives utilizing extraordinary abilities and feats. Rocket League’s speed and competitiveness match the game.

Steel Circus

Steel Circus is a futuristic arena-based multiplayer hero sports game. Players control champions with distinctive skills and blast a ball through the opponent’s goal in this soccer-basketball hybrid. Hero-based gameplay and fast-paced action resemble Rocket League’s furious battles.

Inversus Deluxe

Inversus Deluxe is a simplistic, arcade-style shooter like Rocket League. Players control square-shaped figures on a black-and-white grid, shooting bullets to switch tile colors and unlock new passageways while trying to outsmart their opponents.


SpeedRunners is a side-scrolling multiplayer racing game with power-ups and speed. Players race through platforming stages using grappling hooks and power-ups to hamper opponents. Rocket League-like matches and multiplayer competition make the game exciting.

Rumble Hockey

Rocket League publisher Rumble Hockey arcade-sizes hockey. Players use distinct talents to outmaneuver and score in real-time three-on-three matches. Rumble Hockey is a fun Rocket League alternative with wacky characters and fast-paced gameplay.

Soccer Physics

Soccer Physics is a funny physics-based soccer game. Teams have two ragdoll-physics players, making matches unpredictable and amusing. The game’s focus on fun and rapid rounds resembles Rocket League’s casual mode, despite its simplicity.

These 12 games are great Rocket League alternatives for different playstyles. Fans of Rocket League’s fast-paced, competitive gameplay will enjoy these titles, which offer thrilling vehicular soccer action or unique gameplay twists.

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