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Deus Ex

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is a top-tier game. It was developed by Eidos-Montreal and published by Square Enix in 2016. This action RPG is praised for its engaging story, intense gameplay, and sophisticated world-building. Its rich and integrated gameplay mechanics make it one of the best Mass Effect games.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided features Adam Jensen, a former security chief who now works for Task Force 29, an anti-terrorist organization. In this universe, humans with cybernetic augmentations live alongside conventional humans, creating a huge separation. This overall subject of prejudice and social strife directly echoes Mass Effect’s examination of interplanetary wars and the split between organic and synthetic life forms.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s freedom to customize gameplay is one of its most notable similarities to Mass Effect. Like Mass Effect, players make many decisions that affect the story, characters, and universe. Replayability and personalisation are high because choices often have different results. Players’ ethically ambiguous options, like Mass Effect’s Paragon and Renegade choices, make them accountable for their in-game actions.

Deus Ex and Mass Effect emphasize character development and evolution. Like Commander Shepard, Adam Jensen is a fascinating protagonist with a well-defined personality, but players can customize his powers and capabilities. Deus Ex’s cybernetic upgrades allow players to personalize Jensen for stealth, warfare, hacking, or diplomacy, akin to Mass Effect’s Shepard.

Both games reward exploration in lore-rich locales. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has detailed intricacies, hidden secrets, and many side tasks that reveal the game’s universe. Mass Effect’s exploration of alien civilizations and histories matches this sense of discovery and immersion.

Deus Ex offers gunplay and tactical decision-making like Mass Effect. The game effortlessly supports both direct combat and covert playstyles. Mass Effect’s fighting system, where players can choose classes and skills, reflects the game’s variety in gameplay styles and objective approaches.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s conspiracy-filled plot includes political intrigue and corporate espionage. Power, corruption, and humanity’s future are interwoven in a riveting story with unexpected twists. It also matches Mass Effect’s vast space opera story in storytelling.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Mass Effect have beautiful graphics that bring their worlds to life. Both Deus Ex and Mass Effect showcase the artistry and attention to detail that enriches the gaming experience.

BioShock Infinite

In 2013, Irrational Games released BioShock Infinite. BioShock Infinite has captivated gamers and critics with its stunning graphics, gripping story, and complex characters.

BioShock Infinite takes players to Columbia, a human-engineered floating city in 1912. Players search for Elizabeth, a mysterious woman held captive, as Booker DeWitt. Players explore the city’s opulence and darkness. Columbia’s zeppelins, technical marvels, and ideological zeal captivate gamers.

BioShock Infinite’s complex plot and thought-provoking concepts make it great. The city’s secrets reveal political intrigue, religious fanaticism, and quantum mechanics. The game’s philosophical questions regarding choice, fate, and parallel universes challenge players’ beliefs and behaviors. This intellectual depth and well-crafted personalities get players emotionally invested, enhancing the experience.

BioShock Infinite emphasizes player agency like Mass Effect. Booker DeWitt, like Commander Shepard in Mass Effect, is moulded by player choices, which affect the story. Moral issues and their effects obscure right and wrong, good and evil. Interactivity provides players control over the tale and a unique connection to the game world.

BioShock Infinite is linear and lacks cosmic exploration, unlike Mass Effect. BioShock Infinite concentrates on a single, detailed metropolis, while Mass Effect lets players explore the cosmos and meet alien creatures. This limited setting lets the city’s nuances shine and the narrative tighten. BioShock Infinite’s attraction is its rich narrative built around a single locale, not its interstellar adventure.

The game’s combat systems are also good, combining weapons with Vigors, a potions-based superpower. Players can manipulate fire, electricity, and more with these Vigors. Gunplay and Vigor use make fighting fast-paced and exciting.

BioShock Infinite’s heart is Booker and Elizabeth’s. Elizabeth, a well-designed AI companion, assists as needed. Elizabeth adds to the story and gameplay, unlike other escort assignments. Booker and Elizabeth’s wonderful relationship enriches the journey.

Zachary Comstock, BioShock Infinite’s antagonist, is another reason it’s one of the best Mass Effect games. Comstock personifies Columbia’s fanaticism. The novel expertly reveals his complexity and motives, making him a formidable and unforgettable antagonist. Booker’s last showdown with Comstock sends players on an emotional rollercoaster that lasts well after the credits.


Starbound is a procedurally generated sandbox action-adventure game. The player starts on a random planet after their spaceship is damaged. Explore the cosmos, acquire resources, and return home. Starbound focuses on exploration, building, and crafting, unlike Mass Effect.

Procedurally generated planets make Starbound appealing. Each planet has its own climate, flora, and species. There are lush forests, parched deserts, and icy tundras. Like Commander Shepard in Mass Effect, this dynamic environment system enables players to explore and discover the world.

Each race in Starbound has its own stories and abilities. Your choice affects the game’s plot and gives you multiple views. This feature reflects Mass Effect’s wide cast of races, where your choices and interactions impact the story and your friends.

Starbound has compelling gameplay. Exploring, mining, and fighting hostile creatures or robots adds to the thrill and danger. Crafting and building distinguish Starbound from Mass Effect. Players can build structures, colonies, and cities, boosting creativity and ownership over the enormous universe they explore. In the Mass Effect series, which is story-driven, this open-ended gameplay gives players agency.

Starbound gamers learn about The Ruin, ancient god-like entities. This tale pushes players to explore the universe and its wonders. Despite the procedural worlds, the core storyline keeps players going in their search for answers and universe balance.

Starbound’s multiplayer is another highlight. Players can explore the universe with friends and share discoveries. Like Mass Effect’s multiplayer mode, it builds community.

Starbound’s pixel art is lovely and vibrant. Classic 2D gamers will appreciate the game’s graphics. Starbound’s art direction gives it a distinct look and shows that fascinating gameplay and beauty can overcome technical restrictions.

Starbound’s soundtrack complements its gameplay and visuals. As you visit tranquil planets, the soundtrack fluidly transitions to powerful, adrenaline-pumping tracks during combat and high-stakes engagements. The soundtrack enhances the game’s story.


Anthem takes players to Bastion, a lush and vivid environment with wild animals, strong relics, and dangerous adversaries. Players play Freelancers, elite soldiers in Javelin exosuits. Each Javelin has various abilities and combat styles, allowing players to customize their playstyle and establish strategic alliances in cooperative multiplayer.

Anthem’s enthralling story reveals the world’s mysterious past and pits humanity against the Dominion, an adversarial force aiming to control the Anthem, a powerful source of untold energy. Like Mass Effect’s Shepard, Garrus, and Liara, the game’s characters have motivations and backstories.

Exploration distinguishes Anthem from Mass Effect. Both games emphasize exploring enormous, open-world areas to find secrets, lore, and treasures. Anthem lets players fly and dive, effortlessly switching between aerial and ground combat. Flight and exploration, like Mako exploration in the first Mass Effect, bring players closer to the game universe.

Anthem emphasizes dynamic gameplay. Missions are intriguing because players confront changing scenery and weather. Real-time action and Javelin classes resemble Mass Effect’s character classes and squad-based combat.

Anthem’s Fort Tarsis, like Mass Effect’s Normandy, is important to the Freelancer. It’s where players meet characters, modify Javelins, and make story-altering decisions. Fort Tarsis, like Mass Effect’s Normandy, conveys a sense of belonging and connection to the game’s universe.

Anthem’s multiplayer resembles Mass Effect’s later chapters. Both games let players team up and complete missions. Cooperative play builds teamwork, camaraderie, and friendships, like the Mass Effect series.


Digital Extremes’ free-to-play online action game Warframe has enthralled gamers since its introduction. Warframe is a sci-fi game that rivals Mass Effect in plot, graphics, and gameplay. Warframe is a sci-fi game that has captivated players worldwide.

In the far future, factions fight for control of the solar system. Tenno, resurrected warriors, pilot formidable exoskeletal Warframes. These Warframes make them the greatest weapons in the struggle against oppressive forces. The tale is deep and ever-changing, with narrative-driven adventures that reveal the universe’s mysteries and the players’ mysterious background.

Character customization and player agency make Warframe one of the best Mass Effect games. Like Mass Effect, players choose their Warframes, weaponry, and playstyle. The game’s powerful modding system lets players customize their gear, creating practically unlimited build options. Players feel more connected to their in-game characters with this level of customisation.

Warframe has Mass Effect’s smoothness and fast-paced combat. The game’s movement concept lets players fly around future environments and fight fiercely. The Warframes’ skills and satisfying gunplay give several tactical possibilities. Players can also work together to complete missions, emulating Mass Effect’s squad-based gameplay.

Warframe’s makers use “games as a service” to keep gamers interested with regular updates and fresh content. Warframe, like Mass Effect, has fostered a strong community. Developers listen to player feedback and incorporate it into the game’s universe. Warframe’s constant content updates keep gamers excited and engaged.

Warframe’s visual and acoustic design also makes it a sci-fi classic. The game’s stunning graphics immerse players in its futuristic world of exotic landscapes, alien creatures, and amazing technology. The art direction blends sci-fi aesthetics with fresh ideas to create a unique and memorable world. Warframe’s dramatic and evocative soundtrack enhances the narrative and player experience.

Like Mass Effect, Warframe’s continuing narrative improves with each release. Players can explore intriguing people, dramatic conflicts, and epic story arcs at their own speed. The deep lore draws players into the universe, revealing the solar system’s secrets.

Alpha Protocol

Alpha Protocol is a Sega-published Obsidian Entertainment action role-playing game. The 2010 game has passionate fans and is considered one of the best Mass Effect games. Alpha Protocol is a modern spy thriller with engaging plot, intricate decision-making, and dynamic gameplay.

Alpha Protocol follows outstanding American secret agent Michael Thorton. After a botched mission, Thorton is expelled from his organization. This sets up a roller-coaster experience as gamers travel the world to uncover the conspiracy that betrayed them.

Alpha Protocol excels in player choice and repercussions. Players have many choices that affect the story and characters. Every conversation, interaction, and mission outcome shapes the tale, creating several branching routes and endings. Players want to explore all the options and observe how their choices affect the universe, giving the game great replay value.

Alpha Protocol has dialogue wheels with multiple responses and tones like Mass Effect. Players can change how NPCs view Thorton by being polite, confrontational, or suave. Alpha Protocol perfectly depicts the Mass Effect series’ freedom to role-play and create the protagonist.

Like Mass Effect, Alpha Protocol lets players build relationships with characters they meet. Choices can have positive or negative effects on these linkages. Character dynamics give depth and emotion to the game, whether you’re betraying someone or winning their trust.

Alpha Protocol mixes action, stealth, and RPG mechanics. Missions can be played differently. They can go all-out, stealth, or do both. The game’s gadgets, weaponry, and upgrades let players customize Thorton’s skills. This adaptability parallels Mass Effect’s class and combat style versatility.

Alpha Protocol’s gripping story arcs and plot surprises keep players hooked. Players visit real-world sites with unique atmospheres and difficulties. Alpha Protocol, like Mass Effect, is full of adrenaline-pumping action.

Alpha Protocol was criticized upon release, despite its strengths. Technical difficulties made combat mechanics seem clumsy to certain players. However, patches and upgrades have improved playability over time. Many gamers and journalists have complimented the game for its excellent storytelling, replayability, and creative choices-and-consequences system, making it a worthy competitor to Mass Effect.


In 2017’s ELEX, Magalan is a post-apocalyptic world. A meteor strike left ELEX, a rare and powerful element, on Earth. This chemical gives users superpowers and powers the world’s remaining technology. Players must choose a faction, each of which represents a different morality, before starting their quest. ELEX’s immersive role-playing experience is shaped by this choice.

ELEX encourages exploration like Mass Effect. Magalan is full with ruins, mutant monsters, and frightening factions. Players can explore the globe, complete side missions, and experience random events, giving them a sense of agency like Mass Effect.

Character growth and customisation are highlights of ELEX and Mass Effect. Jax, a former Alb, plays ELEX. Players can customize Jax’s powers, skills, and morality after a crash landing cuts him off from the group. In Mass Effect, users customize Commander Shepard to be their cosmic hero.

ELEX has gameplay mechanics that distinguish it from Mass Effect. Players must carefully regulate their usage of ELEX, a power source and dangerous addiction. Players must evaluate the rewards of greater power and talents against the perils of addiction in this survival factor.

ELEX also mixes sci-fi and fantasy. Swords, bows, and plasma guns coexist in the game’s medieval-futuristic environment. The game’s mix of genres adds complexity and creativity, luring players eager for something new and resembling Mass Effect’s ability to combine science fiction and action RPG features.

ELEX’s compelling tale ranks it alongside Mass Effect. Players face morally difficult decisions, complex character connections, and consequences. Players meet many factions, each having their own goals and ideals. These factions’ opinions make the player’s decisions meaningful and thought-provoking.

Like Mass Effect’s branching narratives, ELEX’s various questlines and pathways give replayability. Players can join factions, form alliances, or play alone, determining the game’s result. This variety draws gamers in like Mass Effect’s grand, choice-driven story.

ELEX’s art style and ambient design are good, but it’s not AAA-level polished. Magalan’s various landscapes, weather effects, and dramatic lighting make it feel alive.

System Shock 2

System Shock 2, released in 1999 by Irrational Games (formerly 2K Boston) and Looking Glass Studios, blends first-person shooting, survival horror, and role-playing for an unparalleled experience. System Shock 2 is one of the best sci-fi games, often compared to the Mass Effect series, due to its compelling story, complex character development, and riveting atmosphere.

System Shock 2 takes place on the Von Braun, an exploratory spacecraft. Players awaken from cryosleep as military recruits on a ship in anarchy. The game mixes horror, suspense, and sci-fi from the start, creating a disturbing environment. The game’s audio logs and crew bulletins reveal the ship’s tragic demise.

System Shock 2 highlights character development and evolution. Three character classes—Marine, Navy Officer, and OSA Agent—have unique talents and abilities. Players acquire skill points to personalize their characters for different playstyles. Each class approaches obstacles differently, adding depth and replayability.

System Shock 2, like Mass Effect, has a deep, branching story. NPC interactions, distress calls, and game decisions affect the storyline. The game’s narrative explores identity, AI, and human-machine hybridity. This detailed storyline keeps gamers committed in their decisions.

Exploration connects System Shock 2 to Mass Effect. Players must unlock new decks and fight numerous enemies as they explore the Von Braun. The game rewards exploration with resources, audio logs, and hidden surprises.

System Shock 2’s graphics and soundtrack have aged nicely, adding to its ambient beauty. Players are immersed in anxiety and dread in the Von Braun’s dark, spooky halls with frightening ambient sounds and spine-chilling audio logs. The game’s distinctive cyberpunk-inspired visuals depict a dismal future, making it aesthetically pleasing even today.

Rogue AI is another major element in System Shock 2 and Mass Effect. SHODAN, like Mass Effect’s Reapers, is a terrifying foe. Her ominous presence and manipulative taunts enhance the game’s atmosphere and make her a captivating opponent.

System Shock 2’s strategy-action combat resembles Mass Effect’s. Players can use various weapons and psychic powers to approach battles. Players can adapt their battle style to their character build, making each playing unique.

System Shock 2 is a timeless masterpiece that still wows gamers decades after its release. Its intriguing story, immersive atmosphere, and inventive gameplay have won fans. For Mass Effect fans, its rich plot, character development, and exploration make it a must-play. System Shock 2’s influence on the gaming business and status as one of the best sci-fi games prove its lasting impact on the genre.

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