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Arena 8, commonly known as Frozen Peak, is an immense battleground where the best fight. We list the top ten Arena 8 decks to help players. These decks have unusual card combinations that can help players win. Gather your soldiers for some intense fights as we explore these top-tier decks!

Hog Rider and Inferno Tower Combo

This deck uses the Hog Rider’s speed and the Inferno Tower’s defense. Mega Minion and Electro Wizard provide air and ground support. Fireballs and Logs clear swarms and undermine enemy fortifications, while the Ice Spirit freezes troublemakers. Skeletons divert troops from your towers for cheap. Master this deck to quickly destroy your opponent’s towers.

X-Bow Siege

Strategic, long-range gamers should choose the X-Bow Siege deck. Use the Tesla to defend the X-Bow from a safe distance. The Ice Spirit and Electro Wizard neutralize dangers, while the Log and Fireball pave the route for your X-Bow. Archers and Mega Minions can defend and counter-push. This deck requires patience and time.

Three Musketeers Split Push

Players can make relentless split pushes with this deck. The Elixir Collector stores elixir for powerful pushes. While the Dark Prince and Royal Recruits build a tanky front line, spearhead a split push with the Battle Ram. Unattended, the Three Musketeers, Minions, and Zappies will destroy opposing towers. Fireball-heavy opponents can severely hurt your tactics.

P.E.K.K.A. Control

The P.E.K.K.A. Control deck stops opponent advances and breaks fortifications. The Electro Wizard and Baby Dragon fly while the P.E.K.K.A. tanks. Tornado and Poison clear swarms and deal steady damage. Use the Skeletons and Mega Minion for defense and the Elixir Collector to preserve an elixir edge. With this deck, opponents will struggle to break through.

LavaLoon Beatdown

LavaLoon Beatdown’s air dominance overwhelms opponents. Use the Lava Hound as a tank, then the Balloon for devastating air-to-ground damage. The Baby Dragon clears swarms as the Mega Minion and Minions give air support. The Tombstone distracts and counters strong ground units, and the Barbarian Barrel defends and chips. This deck destroys opponent towers when executed correctly.

Royal Giant Control

Royal Giant Control stresses slow, controlled skyscraper destruction. The Furnace and Mega Minion provide chip damage and defense for the Royal Giant, the main win condition. Lightning can destroy enemy defenses and damage important units with chip damage. The Log fights swarms while the Electro Wizard and Baby Dragon support air and ground. Guards distract high-damage troops cheaply and effectively.

Giant Double Prince Beatdown

The Giant, Dark Prince, and Prince in this Beatdown deck overwhelm enemy defenses. The Electro Dragon, Mega Minion, and Electro Wizard provide air support, crowd management, and swarm defense. Tornado and Poison can stop enemy advances and eliminate troublemakers. Master these cards’ synergy to easily destroy your opponents’ towers.

Hog Cycle

To push the opponent, the Hog Cycle deck cycles cards quickly. Use the Hog Rider to win and the Ice Spirit and Electro Spirit to control enemy troops. Skeletons and Cannon defend against approaching threats, while Fireball and Log clear swarms and enable the Hog Rider bypass hostile fortifications. Fast, steady cycling can wear down your opponent’s towers before they can reply.

Miner Control

The Miner, a versatile and nimble card, powers the Miner Control deck. Poison slows opponent defenses and deals damage over time, complementing the Miner. The Mega Minion, Electro Wizard, and Inferno Tower defend against large tanks. Guards and Bats are cheap and effective swarm and single-target protection.

Golem Beatdown

Golem Beatdown’s huge, sluggish surges overcome opponent defenses. The Golem and Night Witch create Bats. The Lumberjack is fast and powerful, while the Baby Dragon, Mega Minion, and Electro Dragon give air assistance. Use the Tornado and Lightning to defeat opposing troops and defenses. This deck rewards patient and smart play with unstoppable destruction.


These top 10 decks can aid you in Arena 8. You can outwit your opponents and win battles by mastering each deck’s tactics, strengths, and limitations. These decks have shown their usefulness, but Clash Royale success comes from skill, adaptation, and fast thinking. Gather your deck, hone your abilities, and clash your way to glory!

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