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Clash Royale’s unique blend of card battling and tower defense continues to captivate players worldwide. Arena 5, nicknamed as “Spell Valley,” challenges players to climb higher arenas and defeat tough opponents. The 10 Best Arena 5 Decks are carefully selected to ensure success and interesting gameplay on this perilous battlefield.

Deck Name: Golem Beatdown

Golem Beatdown is a gradual but relentless push around the powerful Golem. Build Elixir and deploy the Golem behind your King Tower. Baby Dragon and Mega Minion support the Golem, while Lumberjack adds firepower and anger upon death. Electro Dragon and Tornado for crowd control, Lightning for towers and troops. The Log clears swarms and lets your Golem approach hostile towers.

Deck Name: Hog Cycle

Hog Cycle stresses chip damage and control. Use the Hog Rider to pressure your opponent’s towers—he’s your win condition. Musketeer and Ice Golem defend the Hog Rider. Ice Spirit and Skeletons sell inexpensive Hog Rider cycle cards. The Fireball clears swarms and weakens defensive units, while the Log clears and damages chips.

Deck Name: X-Bow Siege

The X-Bow Siege deck relies on it to win. Tesla and Archers defend your X-Bow while Ice Spirit and Electro Wizard control hostile soldiers. Swarms and hostile towers need the Fireball and Log. This deck requires good timing and defense.

Deck Name: Miner Poison Control

Miner Poison Control employs Miner and Poison to control chip damage. Poison enemy troops and buildings while the Miner chips away at enemy towers. Electro Wizard and Mega Minion can defend, and the Inferno Tower can melt tanks and high-health units. Guards defend single-target troops, while the Log and Ice Spirit control and cycle.

Deck Name: Three Musketeers Split Push

Three Musketeers Split Push involves distracting and exploiting your opponent. Use the Elixir Collector to get an advantage for large pushes. Battle Ram with Three Musketeers or Guards to split your opponent’s defenses. Ice Spirit, Electro Wizard, and Tornado control and defend. Fireballs can defeat swarms and opposing support units.

Deck Name: Giant Double Prince

The Giant Double Prince deck creates devastating pushes. Support your Giant tank with the Dark Prince and Prince. Electro Wizard and Mega Minion aid air defense. Mini P.E.K.K.A defends and counterattacks. Zap clears tiny swarms and resets Sparky or Inferno Tower, while Tornado groups opposing soldiers for defense.

Deck Name: LavaLoon

Air-based LavaLoon can dominate opponents. For a powerful air combo, use Lava Hound at the back and Balloon. Mega Minion and Minions provide air support and defense. Tombstone distracts and weakens enemy units. Lightning kills high-value targets, and Fireball kills swarms.

Deck Name: Royal Giant Cycle

Royal Giant Cycle controls and pressures the battlefield. Use the Royal Giant to snipe enemy towers. Fire Spirits protect and chip Furnace. Mega Minion and Guards defend ground units, while Electro Wizard defends air units. Your Royal Giant can attack towers when lightning destroys enemy defenses.

Deck Name: Sparky Beatdown

Sparky Beatdown uses forceful tank-and-spank. Put the Giant in front of Sparky for a terrifying combo. Electro Dragon and Electro Wizard control opposing units from the air. Tornado can group enemies and activate the King Tower. Mega Minion defends and counterattacks well. Fireball and Log manage swarms and support soldiers.

Deck Name: P.E.K.K.A Bridge Spam

P.E.K.K.A Bridge Spam pressures your opponent. P.E.K.K.A for defense and counterattacks. Bandit, Dark Prince, and Battle Ram can pressure towers and produce numerous win conditions. Zap and Poison control and chip damage, while Electro Wizard and Mega Minion support.


With these 10 Best Arena 5 Decks, you may conquer Spell Valley and rise in Clash Royale. As you continue your Clash Royale adventure, remember to practice, adjust your strategy to different opponents, and most importantly, have fun! Good luck!

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