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As you reach the top of Clash Royale, you must build strong decks to withstand seasoned opponents. This post will reveal the best Arena 13 decks, curated by professional players and supported by good strategies. These decks will help you master the arenas!

Royal Giant Beatdown

Description: The Royal Giant, Electro Wizard, Baby Dragon, and Tornado crowd-control this powerful deck. The Inferno Tower defends against tanky units, while the Log and Fireball eliminate enemies and damage towers. Use the Royal Giant’s long-range advantage to harass your opponents, making defense harder.

P.E.K.K.A Control

Description: The Electro Wizard, Magic Archer, and Baby Dragon support the P.E.K.K.A. Use the Tornado to drag opposing units into the P.E.K.K.A’s path, destroying pushes. Zap, Fireball, and the Mini P.E.K.K.A control and chip damage swarm units. Counterattack with this deck’s defense.

X-Bow Siege

Description: The X-Bow Siege deck is for strategic, deliberate players. Cannon, Tornado, and Electro Wizard defend while Ice Spirit and Log control swarms. After gaining an elixir edge, use the Tornado and Electro Wizard to protect the X-Bow. To win convincingly, this deck requires exact timing and location.

Golem Beatdown

Description: Harness the power of the Golem, Night Witch, Baby Dragon, and Lumberjack. The Electro Dragon and Tornado handle swarms, while the Mega Minion defends the air. Build an unstoppable Golem push and crush your enemies with Golemites’ explosion.


The LavaLoon deck combines the Lava Hound’s aerial domination with the Balloon’s explosive strength. Mega Minion, Minions, and Fireball help your air force fight ground threats. Use the Tombstone to distract enemy troops while your aerial forces destroy hostile towers.

Hog Cycle

Description: Fast and precise, the Hog Cycle deck is a classic. Hog Rider, Ice Spirit, Fire Spirit, and Bats attack quickly. Your main defense is the Cannon, while the Tornado and Log handle swarms. Use Hog Rider attacks to outmaneuver opponents and damage their towers.

Royal Hogs Bridge Spam

Description: Play aggressively with Royal Hogs, Bandit, Electro Wizard, and Dark Prince. Heal Spirit keeps your troops alive during pushes, while Tornado clusters enemy units for easy annihilation. Bridge spam and overwhelm your opponents.

Miner Control

Description: Use the Miner to distract enemies while your other troops attack. Mini P.E.K.K.A and Electro Wizard address ground threats, while Bats and Minions handle air threats. Tornado and Fireball defense, then Miner counterattack.

Giant Double Prince

Description: Use the Giant, Dark Prince, and Prince to push hard. The Bats handle air threats while the Electro Wizard supports and defends. Use the Tornado to group enemies so your Princes may do deadly splash damage.

Three Musketeers Split

The Three Musketeers split push. Split the Musketeers between lanes to overwhelm your opponent. Battle Ram, Minions, and Elixir Collector are supplementary win conditions.


Deckbuilding becomes crucial in Arena 13. These top 10 Arena 13 decks have different strengths and strategies for different playstyles. To win Clash Royale, try these decks, adjust to your opponents, and perfect your strategy.

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