Tips To Design Custom Tuck Boxes

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Custom tuck boxes are the best option for the packaging of retail products. These easy-to-open boxes make it convenient for the customer to access the product. To give an elegant look to the boxes, you must design them with complete care. 

While designing the boxes, you must consider a few aspects that will keep your product in good condition and benefit you by promoting your brand. By carefully creating the boxes, you can get the most elegant packaging. 

Use a high-quality material to manufacture tuck boxes. Besides this, you can make your boxes elegant by printing them with catchy hues and splendid add-ons. In this article, we will discuss some tips for designing tuck-end boxes. 

What Are Custom Tuck Boxes? 

Before moving towards designing the boxes, get a basic understanding of tuck packaging. A customized tuck box has two opening flaps that give a sleek look to the boxes. In the retail market, these boxes are widely used. 

With customization, you can make tuck-end boxes representative of your brand. Not only this, but in customization, you have the full authority to select any design, material, or shape of the box. 

Designing Tips 

Custom boxes are readily available in the market. A large number of packaging industries are manufacturing personally designed boxes. However, sometimes companies need to catch up on important aspects of the packaging and get the maximum potential benefits of the custom boxes. Below are some of the tips that will help you to get the unique custom tuck end boxes: 

Use Quality Material 

The primary purpose of the packaging is to protect the product and maintain its quality. Always use a high-quality material to manufacture boxes to ensure your product safety. Several types of raw materials available in the market give significant protection to the products. 

While designing boxes, always use durable but sustainable materials like kraft, corrugated, and cardstock. Custom top tuck boxes made from these materials are sturdy and hence give appropriate protection. 

Get A Unique Box Design 

While designing tuck boxes, choose a unique box design. A unique box design will help you to grab customers’ attention and increase your sales. One thing that you must keep in mind is that the box design must be peerless but not complicated. So you must keep the design of the tuck box packaging simple but elegant.

Promote Your Brand By Printing Logo

In designing custom boxes, printing plays a crucial role in increasing the attraction of the boxes. Apart from increasing appeal, you can make your box a marketing tool by printing your logo. The logo must look different from other typography on the boxes. You can emboss your logo or use gold foiling to make the logo vibrant. 

Enhance The Appeal Of Your Product Using Add-Ons 

Add-ons give a premium look to the boxes. Most of the top-notch brands use add-ons on their boxes to make them different from all the other companies. Besides this, add-ons increase the protective ability of the tuck box packaging. 

Several types of add-ons are available in the market. If you are looking for an economical option, then embossing and debossing are your best options. However, if budget is not a problem, you can use spot U.V. or metallic foiling. 

Increase Protection With Coatings 

The protective coating gives additional strength to the boxes. The coating also makes custom tuck end boxes resistant to moisture and scratches. Some products, such as CBD products, cosmetics, and medicine, need extra protection to provide their benefits. To pack such products, box coatings are mandatory. 

Two options are usually used for box coating: synthetic coatings and eco-friendly ones. Matt and gloss lamination comes under synthetic coatings but gives exceptional protection. On the other hand, matt and gloss varnishes are the best options for sustainable boxe coatings. 

To Sum Up 

By carefully designing your custom tuck boxes, you can get several benefits, such as protection of your product, uniqueness in the packaging, and brand promotion. Choose a high-quality material for a premium look. 

Similarly, get the best design on the boxes using quality prints and promote your brand using logos. Besides this, you can also increase the box’s strength and attractiveness using add-ons and coatings. 

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